iBanking FAQ

    1. How do I get e-banking services?
      • Please, download ibanking form from RBB site (www.rbb.com.np) ; fill it correctly and drop it to your account holding branch. The branch will verify your account and sent it to head office for further process. You will get ibanking facility in 24-72 hr. after receiving the hard copy of duly filled e-banking form.


    1. What software do I need for Internet Banking?
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above


    1. How can I bookmark a page?
      • Click on Favorites and then Add


    1. How safe is my personal data and accounts?
      • Online secure e-Banking Guarantee
        We use industry standard levels of security to protect you against fraud on RBB Internet Banking. You must be careful and take reasonable steps to keep your security information secret at all times. If you found in suspicion, contact us immediately.
      • Passwords
        You'll need to enter your User ID and password to logon to Internet banking. As long as you keep your password confidential and make sure nobody can see your PC screen when entering it, the security of the system is very high. If you doubt that someone knows your password, change it immediately.
      • Other tips
        In case of using Internet banking in a public place, don't leave the PC unattended and ensure that no one is watching while you typing password. Other, we recommend that you don't download software if you don't trust the source. We recommend that you use up-to-date Anti-virus software and anti-spyware software to help protect your PC. We also suggest you to enable Personal Firewall to prevent an unauthorized persons from Accessing your computer and guard against the introduction of malicious program onto your PC.


    1. How do I know it's safe to bank via the Internet?
      • RBB Internet Banking users 128-bit encryption, one of the most advanced security technologies available, to safeguard your online banking. Encryption is a process that transforms sensitive information into a string of unrecognizable characters before they are sent over the Internet, and helps provide a secure channel for data transmission.


    1. Where do I contact for ibanking support?


    1. Is it possible to query on phone regarding ibanking services?
      • Yes, you can call at RBB datacenter for your issues on e-banking.


  1. Where do I call for support?
    • please, Call at the following number.
      +977-1-5721258 Ext 211 or +977-9851232023