Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB) has operated online web based remittance system, where by money can be sent to Nepal from Worldwide. Payments can be collected from more than 258 branch offices of the RBB. RBB has made association with the following foreign agencies for direct Remittance through RBB Remit where by Nepali citizens & other people at Qatar, UAE and Dubai can send money to Nepal instantly:

1. City Exchange Company (WLL)

Doha, Qatar
Phone: 44769777, Fax: 974-4435658


Branch Name of City Exchange Company (WLL)

  • Doha +974-44769777
  • Gharafa +974-44864652
  • Industrial Area (23 ") +974-44503301 / 44503306
  • Al Rayyan +974-44808584 / 44804899
  • Salwa Roas +974-44161896
  • Bin Mahmoud +974-44410907
  • Sanaiya (19 ") +974-44377403
Representative Officers from Rastriya Banijya Bank:


Mobile no: 00974-33697354
Email: rbbqatar@aim.com


Mobile no: 00974-33661522
Email: rbbqatar@aim.com



2. Wall Street Exchange Centre (LLC)

Corporate office:
Office no 1103 & 1104, Twin Tower
Baniyas Road P.O. Box 3014, Dubai (UAE)
Phone: 42284889, Fax: 00971-42286533


3. UAE Exchange Centre (LLC)

Corporate office:
P.O. Box 170, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone: 26105656, Fax: 00971-26323775
Website: www.uaeexchange.com

Other Agency Relation:


Apart from RBBRemit, RBB provided online foreign remittance through the following international services:

  • Western Union Money Transfer - Worldwide Service
  • Instant Cash Global Money Transfer - Worldwide Service
  • Express Money Services Limited - Worldwide Service
  • Ez Remit - Worldwide Service
  • C.G. Money Remit - Malaysia, UK, USA, Japan, UAE Service
  • International Money Express - Worldwide Service
  • Prabhu Money Transfer - Worldwide Service
  • eSewa Money Transfer -  Worldwide Service


Please contact any office of the above mentioned money transfer company nearer to you to send money to Nepal. For more information contact to Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB), Central Office, Treasury Department.
Phone No. +977-5721220 Ext. 1755/1749/1751